Tattoo Healing Process

You can expect a little swelling and redness which can last for a few hours. For some people this will go away very quickly. For others it might take longer as they find their skin has become very sensitive following the tattooing process. There may be weeping and some discomfort.

After your tattoo session – What happens next?

• Each tattoo you have can bring about a different response and for some people no discomfort, redness or swelling. Any symptoms you may have will be temporary.

• You will need to decide how you are going to clean the tattooed skin and what aftercare you will use.

• Tattooed skin will heal on its own without an aftercare but the process can be uncomfortable and the symptoms associated with the process may bring problems. The skin can go very dry and itchy, scabs might form and the chance of picking these due to the itch will increase the risk of infection and loss of ink. The skin could take between 10 – 21 days to heal.

As your skin begins to heal the weeping should have stopped. There might be some areas that start to scab. Some people are prone to scabbing. Overworked areas can cause scabbing and for some people their choice of aftercare can cause scabs.

On other areas the skin might start to lightly flake (like skin that peels after sunburn).  This is normal and more noticeable with heavily coloured and full black tattoos. This light flaking may continue for several days then the skin might go shiny – also a bit wrinkly. This is the top layer of skin healing. During this time the skin may become itchy and will be fragile.

The top layer of skin can appear to be fully healed after a few days but the middle layer can still be undergoing change so continue to take care of your skin.

 After a few days the skin can look duller. This is not how your healed tattooed skin will be.

The top and middle layer of skin is undergoing a healing process. As both layers of skin heal your tattoo will start to look brighter.

Once the healing process starts your skin may feel dry and itchy but it should not weep or feel “gloopy”. If this happens change the type of aftercare you are using.

If your skin does scab do not pick them. This can introduce infection and can pull ink out leaving gaps in your ink work. Keep the area moisturized and allow the scabs to fall off naturally.

Keeping the skin moisturized and supple will help prevent scabbing.

The most important thing you can do is invest in a good quality aftercare such as TATTOO AFTERCARE® or TATTOO AFTERCARE VEGAN® which will help alleviate and prevent many of the common problems.

TATTOO AFTERCARE® or TATTOO AFTERCARE VEGAN® will also protect your skin and help keep the colours vibrant.

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