Long term care of a Tattoo


The ink is placed in the dermis layer of the skin. You view your tattoo looking through the epidermis layer of the skin into the dermis layer. How you care for that top layer of skin will affect how your tattoo looks. Bright healthy skin will give a clearer brighter tattoo. Dull skin can make your tattoo look jaded.

Moisturizing and sun block play an important part in the long term care of tattooed skin.

Treat your tattooed skin as you would your face. Avoid harsh soaps and cleaners. Apply a regular moisturiser.
can also be used as a daily moisturiser once your tattoo has fully healed.

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Use a sun block when you are in the sun and avoid using sun beds. The sun is the greatest enemy of tattooed skin and will do more damage than anything else you do.

Sun block creams have a complicated ingredient list to ensure they do what they say. Branded sun block companies have huge budgets set aside for the research and development of these products.

That is why we recommend that you use a high factor or total sun block product from a well known brand. That way you will be guaranteed the effectiveness of the product you use.

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