How long will it take my Tattoo to heal?

A. The length of time tattooed skin takes to heal is dependent on:

• Your general health. Certain medical conditions i.e. diabetes can affect your healing experience. Check your medical history with your artist.
• The position of the tattoo on the body
• The size of the tattoo
• The ink colours
• The skill of the artist
• How the skin was cared for afterwards
• The aftercare used

 Most of our customers report a 4-7 day healing period for the top layer of skin, however if your tattoo does take longer to heal as long as it is clean, showing no signs of irritation then carry on with your aftercare routine and let nature takes its course.

The layers of skin underneath can take a few weeks and sometimes longer to heal fully. Remember the skin is the largest organ of the human body and is also the most versatile.

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