Q. My Tattoo is still oozing fluid. What should I do?

A. Treat the area gently. During the tattooing process the lymph and sweat glands have been disturbed and they may exude fluid that needs to leave the skin. Over application of an aftercare trapping the excess fluid can cause problems.

Lightly clean the area with warm water. Dab dry using a clean towel or tissue, don’t rub, and allow to air dry for a few minutes. Repeat the process very gently if required. Apply a very light film of aftercare, (less is more!).

If you need to apply a dressing choose a non-stick dressing. If the dressing sticks when you go to remove it, use warm water to gently soak the dressing off . Repeat the above process. The excretions will stop as the healing progresses.

If the secretions continue leave the skin for a day without any aftercare and allow it to dry out. Then follow the above.

Q. Can I have a problem because my skin was shaved before getting a Tattoo?

A. Shaving removes the top layer of cells of the epidermis along with the hairs. If an area is particularly hairy, the razor can be brought against the skin a number of times. This can irritate the skin before the tattooing process begins.

When the hairs grow back sometimes they can turn back on themselves and other times grow squint. This can cause pimples about 2-5 days after tattooing. Many areas need to be shaved before tattooing so if the area of skin to be tattooed is very hairy discuss with your tattooist about preparing this area beforehand. Artists use disposable razors and trials have shown these are the best to use.

Q. Do I have to use a special soap?

A. We recommend that you do not use any soap. Plain warm water is sufficient to cleanse the skin. Repeated or prolonged washing with soap will remove the protective sebum layer and cause the skin to lose its natural barrier protection.

  • Soaps also change the skins natural PH and this upsets the mechanisms which hold the populations of micro-organisms in balance, at a stable level. The loss of barrier protection and bacterial control can lead to skin problems involving infection and reaction. When you are in the shower just wash your body with your normal soap, your body will have adjusted to its PH and use water only to wash you tattoo.
  • If you feel you need to remove debris by using soap, then choose one that has no perfume, no colorants, and no additives and at most wash the area twice for the first day only.
  • It is possible to use a small amount of TATTOO AFTERCARE® on your fingers to cleanse the skin and clear any debris. Rinse skin and dry as previously directed. Once the debris has cleared return to using water.

    Q. I have been told to re-cover my tattoo with cling film (plastic wrap) after cleaning it?

A. Cling film (Plastic wrap) should only be kept on until you get home and go to wash your skin for the first time. Bacteria will grow in blood and fluid. If you lock the blood into the skin with a plastic wrap you are creating an incubator which will warm with your body heat and bacteria could grow quite quickly.

• We advise that you do not recover with plastic wrap however do recognize that if a tattoo is oozing fluid plastic wrap can be preferable to a dry dressing that can stick to the skin. If you recover with plastic wrap be mindful that:

• Plastic wrap has not been sterilized during manufacturing as it is not intended for skin use, and especially not prolonged use as a wound dressing.

• Change it every 2-4 hours.

• Do not apply straight after you have applied aftercare. Allow your aftercare to be absorbed before applying plastic wrap.

• Leave the wrap open loosely at ends to allow air in and reduce the incubator effect. If there is any sign of infection, remove it completely.


Over cleaning, vigorous cleaning, or using a cleanser that is too strong. Over application of aftercare, thick layers of aftercare applied making the skin sweat, and trapping lymph fluid that needs to be exuded – this can cause a “bubbling” effect on the skin. It can also cause pimples.

(Over application of an aftercare product is the biggest cause of people having a problem with their healing skin – adding too much suffocates the skin. Less is more!)

Friction caused by tight restrictive clothing.
Poor general health i.e. having a tattoo when you have the cold.

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