Choosing an Aftercare Product


The cells of your skin were damaged during the tattooing process and the recovery of these cells will be aided by your choice of aftercare and the ingredients that aftercare contains.

 We believe nature has provided us with everything we need to facilitate the proper conditions to aid the recovery of traumatised skin. Choose natural products for use on broken skin, the ingredients will be tried and tested over hundreds if not thousands of years, unlike the man-made chemical paraben filled products.

• A good tattoo aftercare product should contain ingredients that aid the healing process.
• Check the ingredient list for added fragrance, lanolin, alcohols, artificial colours and nut oils. Products containing this type of ingredients are more likely to cause irritations.
 • Read feedback left by customers
 • Email the company and ask them to explain the ingredient list. Reputable companies will have already provided this information on their website.
 • When you find a good product leave feedback on resource sites to help others

Do not accept or purchase a product that is unlabelled. These products will have been taken from their primary container and could be contaminated during transfer.

PETROLEUM based products
• They can be water resistant which stops moisture leaving the body. This can cause irritations.
• Can clog up pores causing pimples.
• May affect colour vibrancy.
•Do not contain any skin healing ingredients.

These should only be used if you have seen a doctor and have a proven skin infection.

Over the counter pharmacy products can be recommended by friends. Many are not designed for tattooed skin. Haemorrhoid cream once was a popular choice. Haemorrhoid cream is designed to treat the swollen tissues of haemorrhoids and works by constricting the nearby blood vessels that feed blood and fluid to the area. Healing skin needs a good blood supply.

Baby creams are designed to stop moisture getting into the skin and are not usually recommended for use on broken skin (check manufacturers’ guidelines). They are a barrier cream. Barrier creams lock in moisture that may come after tattooing. Some also contain the ingredient lanolin which some people are allergic too. (If wool jumpers make you itch then an allergy to lanolin is possible)

PARABEN PRESERVATIVES in Aftercare products

 Ethyl Paraben – Methyl Paraben – Butyl Paraben – Propyl Paraben

The long term effects of using these types of products on our skin are being questioned.  Paraben preservatives are receiving much debate in scientific circles these days after being found in cancerous tumours and in breast cancer tissue in women and in the male reproductive areas. People using aftercare products on broken skin should be aware of the potential long term effects these man-made chemicals may cause to their health and wellbeing in later years.

Some aftercare products on the market today, including soaps, contain these chemicals; some also contain Propylene Glycol an industrial antifreeze solution! The same stuff you use in the car to stop the water freezing in winter. The above information will not be highlighted by the companies vying for your custom but a little research, Google etc, will show the reader more ingredients to be aware of.

If you think your skin may be more sensitive than normal consider doing a mini-patch test before you use a new product. Apply a small amount of product behind your ear or on your inner wrist and wait 24 hours to see if a reaction occurs.

Bear in mind that broken skin may still produce a result different to your patch test so when you apply your chosen product to newly tattooed skin, apply a small amount over the first hour, and if all goes well apply more.

Look for products that have been dermatology tested.

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