• Wait 2-4 hours before removing the dressing.
• Wash your hands  with antibacterial soap before removing the dressing.
 Use plain warm water to clean the skin over your new tattoo.
(Using a soap strips away the natural oils your body is trying to produce to help heal the skin)

• DO NOT use a face/wash cloth. Skin on skin is best. Gently use your hand to remove any old blood, mucous or debris.
• Pat dry using a paper towel or clean hand towel. Allow to air dry for a few minutes.

• Apply a small amount, a light film, of your aftercare product.

 Invest in a high quality aftercare like TATTOO AFTERCARE® and TATTOO AFTERCARE VEGAN® 

 • Gently massage into the skin.

• Do not over apply. Remember your skin has gone through trauma having been punctured with a row of needles thousands and thousands of times while unloading the ink. So gently does it.

• Do not recover the skin unless your tattoo is oozing fluid. Loose clothing should be sufficient to protect your skin.

• Apply another light film, sparingly, of aftercare 4 hours later.

• Wash the tattoo again at night with warm water and apply another fine layer of aftercare.

 Keeping the skin supple and moisturised during the healing process lessens the chances of scabbing.

• As the healing process progresses washing the tattooed skin with water once a day will be sufficient cleansing. Apply a light application of aftercare 2-4 times daily until the skin has fully healed.


• Show your new ink work to all your friends within the first couple of hours. The risk of getting an infection is much higher in the first few hours after tattooing.

• Do not share your aftercare product with anyone – be responsible for your own hygiene.

• During the healing period, stay out of swimming pools, saunas and partaking in water sports until the skin has completely healed. Soaking a new tattoo can cause it to lose its brightness.  It is okay to shower as long as you do not soak the tattooed skin for long periods.

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